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Like every other system of the body, your immune system requires a wide variety of nutrients to function optimally. Luckily, these nutrients are available in many different foods and can easily be consumed in abundance if you focus on eating a varied, highly coloured, whole food diet each day.

This eBook contain a multitude of immune boosting food and drink recipes, as well as basic immune supporting foods that are probably already in your kitchen.

All recipes have been supplied by our amazing graduates who work hard to educate and inspire the general public towards making healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices, including creating delicious and nutrient packed recipes and meal plans for them. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches and Nutritional Therapists change lives – it’s that simple. They help people see that living a well life is living a fuller life, it’s not a life of dull dinners and restricted living. We really hope these recipes tempt your tastebuds and help you build a healthy immune response!


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