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In recent years there has been increasing interest in the West of the potential merits of a more Eastern approach to the menstrual cycle. From an Eastern perspective the menstrual cycle is divided into four phases according to the seasons:

Winter: or the menstruation phase, which is from day 1 of the bleed, or shedding of the uterine lining
Spring: or post menstruation and the beginning of the follicular phase
Summer: or ovulation
Autumn: or the luteal phase

This eBook is an edited, shortened copy of our longer eBook which comes complimentary when you sign-up to either of our female hormone focused courses. It’s a careful curation of recipes which have been chosen by our graduates, staff and external experts.

Learning how to eat for all phases of your menstrual cycle can help your body be as healthy as possible, can support hormone balance and ease symptoms throughout the month. We hope you enjoy the recipes!

IHS Menstrual Cycle Recipes


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IHS Menstrual Cycle Recipes

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