Build your Authentic Wellness Business in 12 Weeks

Calling all wellness practitioners who are passionate about vibrant health, healthy lifestyle & good nutrition.

  • Do you have the drive to succeed in competitive wellness business?
  • Are you a recently qualified Health & Wellness Coach or Nutrition Coach or Nutritional Therapist?
  • Are you keen on progressing from business ideas to running a successful practice?

If you said yes to the questions above perhaps we can help!
The From Passion to Profit team consists of three highly experienced wellness professionals who have over 3 decades of knowledge and experience working in the area of health and wellness. We have all been where you are now and know just how confusing, and daunting, it can be to set up a new business and really make it profitable.

On our own journeys we have all had to figure out a lot along the way but we really believe you don’t have to. So, we came together to design a unique programme “Build Your Authentic Wellness Business in 12 weeks” . The programme helps you to get your dream business and you personality up and running and generating solid income in a fraction of the time it took us.

No fluff, no hype, no sensationalism. Just a really practical, affordable and enjoyable solution for those of you who really want to take the stress and struggle out of what should be an exciting and amazing experience.

“Build Your Authentic Wellness Business” is a 12 week online programme with online material, weekly live classes, tools and challenges to help you get all the pieces in place to market, sell and build your authentic and unique business.

We are proud that “Build Your Authentic Wellness Business in 12 weeks” is approved by NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland) as a CPD Course.

Please note that this course is run by Shane Pearson, Catherine Kenneally and Oksana Petersen and is wholly independent of the Institute of Health Sciences

We built this programme around the 3 areas that we identified were key to success:


You need to know what to do, how to do it, when to do what & how to work smarter without procrastination & long hours


When you get really clear around your strengths, your ideal client and their needs, how you help them, your core message and your pricing, the marketing becomes a fun and enjoyable act and you will find it easy attract the right clients and make selling easy


Gaining the knowledge and clarity will do a lot for your confidence but we have also added challenges, group coaching , support and accountability to help you push through your blocks and resistance to gain the confidence to make your dreams a reality

Our programme is designed of those who want to transform their business ideas from vision to a profitable reality.

12 live, weekly classes

Engaging Material


Interactive, practical tasks

Q&A Mentoring Sessions

Please note that this is course is run by Shane Pearson, Catherine Kenneally and Oksana Petersen and is not managed, delivered or designed by the Institute of Health Sciences

Programme Details

Next Course Starts End of September 2022

Discover your Identity & Vision

Week 1

Identify and understand the elements and events in your life that form your story as to how you got here and your motivations and  vision for the business.  Get clear as to what you want to achieve from the programme.

Mentor: Catherine Kenneally

Personal Branding Part 1, Know Your Strengths

Week 2

Uncover your unique strengths, personal values & strong beliefs to authentically connect with your target audience.

Learn how your experiences & achievements can effectively contribute to developing profitable services.

Mentor: Oksana Petersen

Your Ideal Client Part 1, Identify Your Target Audience

Week 3

Translate your learnings of your own story into understanding the characteristics of those you would most enjoy working with.  Explore how to identify and research your ideal client and start to identify services that would appeal to this client. 

Mentor:  Catherine Kenneally

Personal Branding Part 1, Your Core Message

Week 4

Identify the main elements of a clear & captivating core message of your business to capture your audience’s attention.

Identify the colours, images & language to convey your brand’s compelling message in logo, business name & website.

Mentor: Oksana Petersen

Your Ideal Client Part 2, Who is My Ideal Client?

Week 5

Create an avatar of your ideal client from the research you have conducted.  Learn how to step into their shoes to understand their ‘pain’ and what would help them.

Use this to start designing services that will have high value for clients.

Mentor: Catherine Kenneally

Your Ideal Client Part 3, Where will you find your ideal clients?

Week 6

Explore the possible hangouts of your ideal clients to create an interest in your services that would lead to enquiries. Find out how you can reach your potential clients.

Learn how to authentically & skillfully market yourself in-person & online.

Mentor: Oksana Petersen

Find your Courage to Overcome Your Fears

Week 7

It can take courage as well as clarity to promote yourself & your services. Get coached & guided through fears that may be blocking you from achieving success.

We’ve included a challenge to help get you out of your comfort zone & build your confidence.

Mentor: Shane Pearson

The Art of Selling Yourself

Week 8

Without sales your passion will never be profitable! Receive expert guidance to help you connect & engage with leads & prospects to clearly show them the authentic value you offer.

Learn how to design proposals to create win-wins & convert leads to clients.

Mentor: Shane Pearson

Know Your True Worth

Week 9

Pricing is a crucial part of a  business’s success. Knowing what to charge for what you do is about understanding & valuing your true worth.

Master a simple but powerful strategy to position & price any service, product, package or program.

Mentor: Shane Pearson

Group Coaching – Q&A

Week 10

Time to check in on your progress to ensure you are clearing anything in your path to success. This is your opportunity to have questions answered and be coached through any barriers to success.

Think ahead and create SMART  goals for your business.

Mentor: Shane Pearson

Mastering Time Management

Week 11

Equip yourself with techniques to effectively manage time to build your business & how use that time to the maximum advantage.

Get live support on how to move from overwhelm to manageable routine; from procrastination to action; from perfectionism to finishing tasks.

Mentor: Oksana Petersen

Move Forward with Momentum


This engaging mentoring session is focusing on how can you maintain your focus in moving forward.

Spend time with your mentors to discuss what is most important to you now &  where you want to go next.

Mentors: Shane, Catherine, Oksana

Shane Pearson

Shane Pearson

Shane is an award winning Health and Wellness coach and an accredited thought leader in behavioural change. He is an an accredited  Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is also a trained Nutritional Therapist and Master Practitioner of NLP.

Shane is the founder of Design Your Life Coaching and has over a decade of experience in mindset coaching, nutrition and NLP. He specialises in stress management, resilience and eating disorders and is passionate about helping people create positive and lasting change to realise more of their potential.

Shane is the course leader for the IHS H&W Coach training and has trained over 200 certified H&W coaches to date.

In this course Shane brings his experience and coaching skills to the mix. He helps participants to find courage and build confidence by aligning with their inner strengths; get clear on their true worth; and learn how to communicate powerfully with leads to create new clients.

Catherine Kenneally

Catherine Kenneally

Catherine Kenneally has a Nutritional Therapy diploma, a B.Sc in Microbiology & Biochemistry and a Diploma in Facilitation Skills.  She also lectures in Clinical Practice at the Institute of Health Sciences and runs the NT student clinics.

She left a career in aerospace and medical devices 11 years ago to run her own Nutritional Therapy practice full-time.  Over the years she has had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of business streams within the Nutritional Therapy field, from working with individual clients to running group workshops in the corporate and public settings to teaching kids about nutrition and cooking.  This experience has given her the opportunity to create a business that focuses on work that she loves and to work with clients that are ideally suited to her.

Catherine brings the skills to help participants to understand what has brought them to this point in starting a new career.  This is the beginning of creating a brand.  She also helps them to identify their target audience and ideal clients which allows them to create marketing plans that are focused.

Oksana Petersen

Oksana Petersen

Oksana holds Nutrition& Lifestyle Coaching Diploma from the Institute of Health Sciences (IHS). She is an accredited Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a certified Master Coach with InnerLifeSkills. She is also an accredited Enneagram Personality Coach.

She runs her Nutrition & Life Coaching practice in Switzerland. Her specialisation is women’s health & emotional wellbeing. Her passion is to help women to bring vitality, health & confidence into their lives. She applies life coaching techniques & Enneagram to help clients to achieve meaningful long lasting changes,

As a leader of IHS’s unit “Build a successful Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Career”, she helps students to get clarity in planning their NLC careers & supports them with this.

In this programme, Oksana guides the students to create an authentic & engaging personal brand. She shares her own experience & the latest strategies for finding ideal clients. Using the coaching techniques, the students learn how to manage their time effectively whilst avoiding overwhelm & procrastination.

PODCAST – How to Promote Yourself Authentically

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be supported?

We want you to succeed. So, during our interactive classes, everyone can ask a question and receive feedback on their practical tasks. Our 2 x Q&A classes will give you more opportunities to get valuable advice or clarify whatever is most important for you.

How much does the programme cost?

€495 – please contact us for a special Early Bird Price

How can I be reimbursed if I’m unable to attend?

If you’d like to cancel the programme, you must do so no later than 7 calendar days before it starts. Please note that we will only issue a full refund for the cancellation requests received more than 7 calendar days prior to the programme start date.

How can I get in touch with you?

Message us or schedule a free discovery call. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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