3 courses, 2 freebies 1 mont

The Future of Coaching is Here

Transformational Coaching draws together the best proven models, methodologies and techniques from traditional and modern coaching with new findings from the fields of behavioural change and neuroscience. It also blends cognitive, emotional and somatic based coaching, allowing for more profound exploration and the facilitation of significant and long-term growth and change.

Join the IHS Diploma in Transformational Coaching starting February 2023 for an immersive development journey. Learn the key to transforming yourself and working as a Transformational Coach.


3 courses, 2 freebies 1 mont

Create a career and life you love

Transformational Coaches work with a wide rante of clients to transform their approach to life by helpign them shift limiting attitudes, assumptions and beliefs.



Next Course 27 February 2023

5 months duration, 10 units, 200 learning hours, 107 coaching practice hours.

Study Time 10+ hour per week

Online study includes 12 virtual evening workshops, 5 virtual weekend workshops.

Each unit includes a study timetable outlining the number of hours expected as a useful pacing guide.

Recognition Industry, Academic, Professional

Accreditation pending with European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Recognised for Continuing Professional Development by the UK & International Health Coaching Association.

Carries the Crossfields Institute Quality Mark providing assurance best practice educational standards are applied to the writing and delivery of the course.

Get professional insure from Balens or BGi as a Transformational Coach.

Payment Plans Available

Normal Price: €2,295 or £1,895

Make first payment by 16 December 2022 to get €100 or £100 off.

Further discounts of up to €200 or £200 available for paying in full or by semester.

Start payments this month and choose between 5 or 8 equal payments.

Minimum payment to guarantee early-bird discount is €395 or £395


Save €100 or £100 by making your first payment by 16 December 2022

On top of these great savings, we are including the following exclusive pre-course material

Simple Steps to Happier Living

Free Course - Simple Steps: To Happier Living

Explore the science and art of happiness with IHS.

Learn proven techniques for building happiness and wellbeing.

Find out the best way to increase and maintain your own personal happiness.

Use challenges, tools and techniques to coach yourself towards long term change.

The Coach Approach

Free Course - The Coach Approach

Enter the world of study and coaching before formal lessons start.

Cultivate a coaching mindset ready for your next coaching journey.

Engage with your peers and develop your professional networks and explore resources that will enhance your learning experience.

EBook - Unleash Your Inner Coach

Free Exclusive eBook - Unleash Your Inner Coach

Expert tools from the IHS Coaching Team!

Get 10 practical techniques and tools from the IHS Coaching Team.

Each designed to harness your strengths and reach your full potential.


Offer is exclusively available to those who sign up to the Februry 2023 intake of the IHS Diploma in Transformational Coaching and pay a minimum of €395 or £395 by close of business 16 December 2022. Access to free material will commence 1 December 2022. Simple Steps: to Happiness is 30-40 learning hours and will be available until 31 May 2023. The Coach Approach includes weekly discussion topics and will run January to the start of the Diploma. A pdf of the eBook will be emailed with login details for the above courses.

Create a Career and Life you Love

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