Stepping into Nutritional Therapy

Can’t wait to start learning more about Nutritional Therapy? With our new Stepping into Nutritional Therapy pre-course unit, you won’t have to!

We are offering a chance to get early access to some course material, as well as some bonus material. Familiarise yourself with some of the more challenging scientific content from the course nice and early. 

What is Stepping into Nutritional Therapy?

This year we have introduce a pre-course unit called Stepping into Nutritional Therapy which is open and waiting for you. This is designed to ease you into some of the more scientific elements of Nutritional Therapy and functional medicine.

The material is taken directly from the course!

This is a part of the course that studets have told us they would like some more time on, so we made it available early. You will be able to access the material as soon as we received your first payment.

Get Ahead

This is material is an extract of course material students always want more time on. You can start early and get ahead. 

Weekly Quiz

Test and embed your knowledge at the end of each section witha  quiz.

Regular Q&A

Check in with the courses leader every 3-4 weeks for a live Q&A session (recorded).

Start Learning Now

Familiarise yourself with some of the more challenging scientific content from the course nice and early! Covering nutritional biochemistry, the structure and function of tissues, gene expression, nutrigenomics…..and more.

Functional Medicine resources and information

Get into the mindset of functional medicine with discussion topics and talks from experts in the field.

Forum support

Just like NLC we’re there with you, and so are your fellow students. As you work through the material we’ll be there for any questions and interesting discussions about Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy.

Ready to start?

When you fill in the form below you will be sent a letter of offer with the payment links, and we can have you accessing material as soon as we have processed your first payment.

Step 1

Fill in the Expression of Interest Form below.

Step 2

We will check you have completed – or are on track to complete – NLC and will email you a place offer.

Step 3

Make the first payment towards your Nutritional Therapy course and you can start accessing the pre-course material!

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