NEW programme! Nutritional Therapy fast-track course!

Already a health coach? Want to become a Nutritional Therapist?

The Institute of Health Sciences now provides a fast-track pathway for qualified health coaches and healthcare professionals to become a Nutritional Therapist!

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

The course is academically recognised by Crossfields Institute to UK Level 6. The course is built around the IHS Nutritional Therapy Consultation Framework – unique to IHS with more than 250 hours of clinical practice training.

Next intake Starts 15th September

Duration 2½ years, part time, delivered online. The team supporting you includes Nutritional Therapists, educationalists and Institute for Functional Medicine and health and wellness coaching trained practitioners.


On successful completion of the course you can register with FNTP, CMA or NTOI (Ireland). The Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM) take recommendations from IHS for their MSc/PG Dip in Personalised Nutrition + Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma (NTPD) which is recognised by BANT.

You want to Become a Nutritional Therapist because…..



You want to gain recognition and further credibility in light of your experience and commitment to nutritional therapy.



You want to unlock new opportunities for your business and work.


Skills & Knowledge

You want to develop new skills and gain new knowledge to further help your clients.


Science & Testing

You are keen to incorporate more science, testing and trackable results into your practice.


Innovation & Leading Research

You want access to the latest innovations and leading research in the nutritional therapy and functional medicine  industries.


Diet as a Function

You are a holistic practitioner who knows diet is an important function to help your clients, and now want the qualification to back up the advice you might already be giving.


Confidence & Integrity

You are drawn to the science that builds on your existing knowledge and want the confidence and the integrity that comes with the Nutritional Therapist qualification

But you want……



You are worried about the time and commitment it takes to follow the conventional route to become a Nutritional Therapist, most courses take up to 5 years.



You want a more cost-effective route, conventional degrees in Nutritional Therapy are expensive, costing up to £22k



You want an option that recognises that you aren’t starting from scratch when it comes to your knowledge and skills

This is why we’ve created our new Nutritional Therapy fast-track course!

What I think is particularly beneficial about our fast-track course is that it enables health coaches and healthcare practitioners to start practicing as a Nutritional Therapist after just 2½ years and costs a fraction of the price – it’s a much more vocational option, supporting coaches to become practicing Nutritional Therapists much faster and more affordably than conventional routes.

Suzanne Laurie

IHS Director, Unit Leader and Lecturer

Here at IHS we offer the only fast track pathway to Nutritional Therapy, using recognised prior certification for qualified health coaches and healthcare professionals

This fast-track pathway acknowledges the knowledge and skills you already have as a health coach or healthcare professional

We’ve created a more vocational option which allows you to train faster, and more affordably

Instead of studying for up to 5 years, you can study for just 2.5 years with us, part-time – helping you balance your learning alongside your professional work and personal commitments

Instead of paying between £13k-£22k, our fast-track course is a fraction of that price at just £9,490

The course we offer is at a standard and level which enable you to enroll straight onto a masters course with our affiliated college; The Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management validated by Middlesex University

Key Facts


Course Starts

15th September 2022



Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (equivalent in level to a UK degree programme)



Tutor-led online learning alongside structured home study, with live online tutorials and lectures. 15 – 20 hours study per week



Recognised by FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Therapist Practitioners), the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and able to be insured by Balens



2½ years part-time


Tuition Fees

£9,490 over 2½ years (paid monthly, discounts available)

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