It’s not just WHAT we teach, it’s HOW we teach the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching…

Our Virtual Learning Environment

We’ve brought the classroom online to give you the best blend of structure and flexibility.

Our content is delivered to our students by real people. We have utilised technology to give you the best learning experience in the comfort of our own home (or wherever you want to be).

Student forums provide a direct link between you, your classmates and the IHS team.

A blend of delivery formats to suit all learning styles.

Structured content with clear outlines on work expectations.

Continuous assessment through quizzes, short answer questions, case studies and buddy coaching.

10 hours of study per week, with suggested study timetables.

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Human Mediated Study

At IHS we offer more than just the best content for our courses. We have real people working with you every step of the way and regular online zoom interactions. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, all online lectures, webinars and Q&A sessions are recorded and made available.

Unit Tutorials

Knowledge Development

Tutorials are another way to interact with the material. Unit Leaders set an agenda appropriate to the material and encompassing student questions.


  • A tutorial for every unit
  • Interactive with students
  • Adaptable to material or class needs
  • Always on Wednesdays 7-9pm (UK / Irish time)

Online Lectures

Skill Development

Lecture weekends are a time to bring the practical elements to the course material. Learning is embedded through group work, all from the comfort of your home.


  • 6 lecture weekends
  • Recapping of material related to activities
  • Predominantly group work to embed skills

Q&A Sessions

Student Led

Students are given the opportunity to submit questions (e.g. content, assessment) or request discussion on a related topic (e.g. a discussion on a scientific paper related to the material).


  • A Q&A session per unit
  • Opportunity for students to meet and interact
  • Facilitated by Unit Leader
  • Occur on different days and times

I’m very proud of my achievement in the course so far and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very professionally run, content was fantastic, tutors were fantastic, very supportive and always here for us if we needed guidance. I do rate the course very highly and would recommend it going forward.

Annie Fennelly


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IHS is with you Before, During and After the Course

We pride ourselves on students support. We have a dedicated team of Course Consultants to help you choose the course to meet your goals, pre-course material to let you engage your passion straight away, a dedicated team while you’re on the course AND networking and support when you’ve finished.

Your Success is our Success

.At IHS our goal is to have you ready to see clients when you finish.

Coaching is at the core of all our courses as we know that supporting future clients to make changes to their life needs more than just knowledge of nutrition.

Our Team

Most of our Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching team have their own practices as Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaches, Nutritional Therapists or Health & Wellness Coaches. We do this because it compliments your learning experience with real-world examples from a number of experts in the field to help you graduate confident to start your own practice straight away.

Student Centred Learning

You are assigned a Personal Tutor at the start of the course to give support from the outset. The course is laid out so that each unit builds on what you have learnt previously with a dedicated unit leader supporting your learning with the live lectures, tutorials, Q&As and forum interaction. Our job is not just about passing on the knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle, it’s about teaching you how to use that knowledge to help clients.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for my Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with IHS (despite two bouts of homeschooling during my year of studying!). The materials were easy to follow and the teaching gave the right level of detail to be able to confidently embark on a career afterwards. The lecturers and staff were all friendly and accessible throughout the course.

Emily Collins


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